In my years living in Bali I have submerged myself in its magical culture, which in return, inspired me to shape the individual character of each villa. Welcome to our little paradise!

Beatrice - Hidden Hills Villas

Hidden Hills Villas Family – Cultural Diversity

These unique boutique villas, situated in the stunning hills of Uluwatu, are a family run resort business with each member coming from different parts of the world, making Hidden Hills Villas the best of many worlds. The resort has a fusion of quality and precision that comes from Switzerland, carries some of the exotic flavors that one can enjoy in Malaysia, holds the essence of ancient history and traditions deriving from China and Iran, has a hint of oriental vibe from Northern Africa and is like the cultural melting pot that is America, all coming together with the friendliness and spirituality of Bali.

Our Service Ethos

At Hidden Hills Villas, our customer is supreme! We practise this philosophy by offering and maintaining a high quality environment for our guests. Our staff are trained to take pride and ownership in their work and to meet the service quality demanded which is to serve each guest with passion and respect.

These demanding service standards would not be possible without treating our staff with respect and providing them with a happy and conducive work environment.

In order to save the natural environment, our villas have been partially constructed from recycled timber and other materials sourced from within Bali. We utilize solar panels to power parts of our resort as well.

Hidden Hills Villas is a luxurious retreat with both traditional and modern styles, combining design elements from all over the world to achieve a unique energy and look for each villa, affirming our slogan, “Bringing the World Together in Bali.”

We want each of our guests to feel that they are special and cared for and that they are at home, away from home!