The idyllic surroundings, paired with a fusion of personalised service, uniquely designed villas and a family owned and run luxury resort, makes Hidden Hills Villas your perfect destination for an unforgettable vacation.

We’re here to make your stay ONE OF A KIND.

Our staff take pride and ownership in their work, serving every guest with passion and respect. When it comes to your stay, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure your every request is fulfilled. We want this to feel like your home, away from home.

Our Story
Home to some of the most beautiful beaches, Uluwatu is known for its sheer cliffs, tropical greenery and one of the most stunning temples in BalI


Originally started as a passion project by mom and son, Max and Beatrice, Hidden Hills Villas has grown into a successful resort, collecting numerous awards including; Best Small Luxury Hotel Asia Pacific at the International Hotel Awards, Best Luxury Hideaway Resort in Asia at the World Luxury Hotel Awards and a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor. We think our success is owed to a fusion of exceptional, personalised service as well as our stunning, uniquely designed villas.

Located in the stunning hills of Uluwatu, the utmost attention has been paid to every little detail in each one of our seven beautiful villas. Beatrice - who worked for over 23 years in the art world  - dreamt up a vision of each villa having its own identity involving a country that holds a special place in the heart of her family members.

As a result Hidden Hills Villas now envelopes a fusion of quality and precision that comes from Switzerland and carries some of the exotic flavors that one can enjoy in Malaysia. It holds the essence of ancient history and traditions deriving from China and Persia, has a hint of oriental vibe from Northern Africa and is like the cultural melting pot that is America, all coming together with the friendliness and spirituality of Bali.

Our fully serviced Villa Resort means that you’ll get the service of a luxury hotel - like a butler and in-villa world class dining - while still being able to enjoy complete and utter privacy. Because there are no common areas and everything you require is provided in the comfort of your own villa, we believe Hidden Hills is the ideal balance of privacy, service and sophistication.

Hidden Hills Villas is a luxurious retreat with both traditional and modern styles, combining design elements from all over the world to achieve a unique energy and look for each villa.

Personalised Service

Your happiness is our priority and nothing is too much trouble. Our small boutique resort not only allows our guests to experience absolute privacy, but enables us to provide you with first-class, personalised service.


Every material, decor and furniture in our villa is hand picked and sourced with love from the island of Bali. Because no two rooms across our seven villas are the same, your stay at Hidden Hills Villas will be a truly unique experience.


Located in the stunning hills of Uluwatu, Hidden Hills really is a private luxury retreat, perfect for unwinding and enjoying the breathtaking scenery Bali has to offer.


We think our success is owed to a fusion of exceptional, personalised service as well as our stunning, uniquely designed villas.