Nyepi Day: One of Bali's Most Important Holidays

6am on March 25th marks Nyepi day, one Bali’s most important religious holidays.

6am on March 25th marks Nyepi day, one of the island’s most important religious holidays. On this day the importance of quietness is focused on and the whole island slows to a halt. In fact, working, wifi and electricity are amongst three of the things that are banned on this holy day.

It's ultimately the quietest day of the year, when all of the island's inhabitants abide by a set of local rules. These bring all routine activities to a complete stand-still. If you happen to be in Bali for the holiday, a secret tip is to make sure you check out the sky at night. Thanks to the quietness of the night and because electricity and light is banned, you can capture the stars shining their brightest, it's a sight not be missed.

Most Indonesians spend the day praying in their house, and no-one is allowed out of their houses for any reason, which means the perfect, guilt free reason for lazing about your villa, relaxing in our plush king sized beds and chilling out by your private pool.

What to except

It is day of silence, after all, so you can expect a quiet day with no cars or scooters - or any noise, really. The internet will also be shut down on this day (so if you work remote we’d suggest making arrangements ahead of time). At night it’s even recommended to keep your blinds closed to stop any light escaping your room! But this makes for an even more stunning view of the stars which, as mentioned, are an absolutely gorgeous sight as there is no light pollution. So, a session of star gazing from your villa garden is not to be missed.

Helpful tips to prep

  • Purchase some movies prior to the day
  • Stock up on snacks and drinks
  • Enjoy the silence, it’s rare to have a day like this in 2019!

After all, even without the instant convenience a smart phone and wifi bring, a day of relaxing in a luxury villa doesn’t sound too bad to us!