Hidden Hills Villas Joins Small Luxury Hotels of the World

Though Hidden Hills Villas has been honored with many respected awards and accolades, today we announce our most prestigious yet – we have joined forces with Small Luxury Hotels of the World.


Priding themselves on their elite status, Small Luxury Hotel’s only invite hotels and boutique of the highest caliber to join their group. The group seek out the little gems that offer genuine, one-of-a-kind experiences paired with first class service.


After a thorough evaluation, we are very proud to announce that Hidden Hills Villas has joined the ranks Small Luxury Hotels –standing alongside many others spectacular hotels which represent the crème de la crème of luxury.


It seems fitting to announce such a huge achievement very close to one of the co-owners birthdays, Beatrice Loong.


Beatrice started the villas with her son Max in 2015. She always had an incredible eye for design and interior decoration, which was a great asset for the duo when they were designing the interiors of each of their villas. Beatrice had the vision to bring inspiration from different parts of the world to Bali, which is why you will find that each villa at Hidden Hills has its own character and style influenced from various locations around the globe, making the villas truly unique.


Hidden Hills Villas was Beatrice’s baby, in which she put in her heart and soul. We, at Hidden Hills Villas, know how honoured she would be to be involved with Small Luxury Hotel Awards, so we would like to dedicate this momentous occasion to her honour.