How we are Keeping you Safe amidst COVID-19

Danica Baker
June 28, 2020

Though our cleanliness standards are always second to none, in this trying time we’ve been extra committed to training our staff on a rigorous cleaning and hygiene regime. We have banded together to put in the following measures to make sure that our guests are completely safe when staying at our resort.

Temperature: every staff member has their temperature checked every day before beginning work. If the staff member’s reading is even slightly above normal, they will be sent to see a doctor. Also guests temperatures will be taken at time of arrival, as well as at time of check in and after every 7th night of stay.

Masks: all of our staff have face masks which they are required to wear – unless you’d prefer the butlers not too as a matter of personal preference. All of the kitchen staff will be wearing masks and gloves when preparing your food, to ensure its prepared 100% safely and there is no chance of contamination.

Hand Sanitiser: All staff will have hand sanitiser on them at all times, and all villas are equipped with it too.

Hygiene: Every staff member is required to wash their hands on arrival to Hidden HillsVillas, after each contact with guests, after touching anything at the resort and any other surface. They are under strict rules to wash with soap every 15minutes for at least 20 seconds.

No contact option: during pre-booking phase we will ask our guests how much contact they’d prefer during their stay. If you would prefer to not have contact when staying in our entirely private resort, we can arrange for all meals to be left outside your villa and no contact with staff.