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Our Pick of the Best Health Hotspots in Uluwatu

Here's an insiders guide to the hottest health spots in Uluwatu near Hidden Hills Villas

With summer drawing to a close in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s easy to start feeling anxious about the beginning of the dark depths of winter. And if you're in the Northern Hemisphere, you're obviously in the depths of said dark winter! So, if you’re dreaming of escaping to a summer destination soon for some much needed vitamin D hit then you’re certainly not alone. Why not take a trip to Bali? It’s sunny, affordable, has beautiful beaches and is a fitness lover’s mecca (need we go on?). While there’s an basically an endless amount of choice when it comes to all things health on the popular Indonesian island, we’ve compiled a list of our favourites in Uluwatu.

Best Healthy Breakfast Spot - Suka Espresso

Distance from Hidden Hills Villas: 2.8km

Beautiful, organic food to Bali is like money to the Kardashians – put simply, they’ve got a whole damn lot of it. But, it’s hard to go past the little cafe that is Such Espresso. Located just a short five minute driver from the villas, the food is fresh, wholesome and healthy, while still managing to be absolutely delicious. Perched across the road from the beautiful Thomas Beach, our favourite Suka Espresso meal to tuck into is their mango magic smoothie bowl – delicious fresh mangoes blended together with other tropical fruit served in an authentic coconut bowl. Oh, and did we mention - the coffee here is unbeatable!

Best Trekking Spot – Nyang Nyang Cliff

Distance from Hidden Hills Villas: 5.4km

When it comes to treks, beautiful scenery is clearly an important aspect. So if tying exercise together with clifftop views overlooking aqua marine waters below and a dip in said water sound of interest, then Nyang Yang beach is the spot for you. Beware, the cliff is steep, very steep, but once you get to the bottom the beach is normally pretty isolated, meaning you’ll have it all to yourself for a fresh dip before heading back up the cliff - way more fun than a treadmill!

Best Place for Surfing – Padang Padang Beach

Distance from Hidden Hills Villas: 1.4km

Known as the Bali Pipeline, Padang Padang beach, located on the Bukit in the southern part of Bali hosts the annual WSL surfing competition. Padang Padang’s massive waves break over a shallow coral reef so it’s recommended to just watch the action from the beach - it’s a great place to go and watch the surfers get barrelled! The beach is also a tourist hotspot because Julia Robert’s famous movie, Eat Pray Love was filmed right on this very beach.

Best spot to Relax - Hidden Hills Villas

Distance from Hidden Hills Villas: 0km!

Come on guys, this ones an easy one - Hidden Hills Villas, of course! With six of the seven villas boasting their own private villa and all having amazing views of the Indian Ocean, we can’t blame you if you’d rather spend your entire holiday inside the villa rather than venturing out! Better yet, we have a team of super experienced therapists who can come into your villa and provide spa treatments of your choice. Between the butlers that will attend to your needs, the spa treatments, ocean views and private pools, what’s not to love?!